Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence Solutions and Data Analytics

Whether it’s your own data, or data you have purchased through a syndicated vendor, we’re experts at turning it to your competitive advantage.

Big Data Sets? Not a problem

We have extensive experience of data warehouse design, data pre-aggregation, partitioning, parallel processing and massively parallel processing. We can make your solution work in SQL Server, Oracle or Teradata, and we are specialists at designing responsive queries, whatever the data volumes involved.

User Reports, Data Visualizations and Business Intelligence applications

We can work with Cognos, SAP business Objects, SSRS, Microsoft Power BI, Excel, PowerPoint and more. We can also develop custom web-based BI Applications using the .Net framework.

Self-service analytics on the open web

open data

Think price comparison websites like Compare the Market or Trivago, and recommendation engines like those built into Amazon or eBay. Think of all the above, but where the data is FREE. You’d be surprised how much data is out there under an open license, and with the right talent and insight, can be turned into a viable commercial venture. We have the talent and the insight, and we know how to get the data.

When open data becomes intelligence

The entry requirements set by Universities, and the entry requirements they actually accept in practice are often two very different things … it all depends on who applies.

Every year, there are plenty of courses accepting a high intake of students with top scores, but also a sizable intake in the lower ranges.

If you were a student, wouldn’t you want to know which top courses might still be within reach, even if you don’t make the official grade? Well now you can ...

It may surprise you to know that recent data on actual admissions is free to acquire under an open data license, and we’ve developed a tool to help you use it. Just plug in your UCAS points and entry subjects and off you go.