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So, you have a high performing website and a great Google page rank. Are you ready to take the next step?

Have your own digital marketer for just £79.99 per month

It's an absolute steal, and you can stop your service at any time

Let us take care of your digital marketing, while you get on with running your business

Some Website builder packages will include tools to help you carry out your own digital marketing, but there’s no substitute for being able to call on talented creatives and data analysts, even in the early days. That’s where we come in.

Data analysis is a core part of our business, so why not use our expertise?

Having a handle on your customer base is key to executing effective sales and marketing campaigns, and if you’re already using XpressCart and XpressMemberful, we have all the intelligence about your hottest contacts and most popular products at our fingertips.

We’ll create your advertising campaigns for you ...

Don't forget that we already know your business ... So, not only can we deal with the technicalities of setting up, running and targeting your campaigns, but we can also design them for you too, and produce engaging content that will get you the highest possible 'click through rate', and bring you solid signups and leads.

Our plan entitles you to one email campaign or one paid advert campaign per month. Paid ads will be placed Google, Google/Local or Facebook, depending on campaign objectives. Advertising budget not included.

digital advertsing campaign

"XpressWeb got our cost per click right down to 9 pence, which is cheap as chips for Facebook ... and we got 10K new hits on our website!"


We’ll broadcast events and special offers on your Google Business Page

Google have recently made it possible for most types of businesses to post events and comments on their Google Business Page. These posts display directly in Google Searches relating your business ... and Google don't charge for them!

We will perform up to 2 posts for you per month.

google posts

We'll write for your blog

You should think of your blog as your own newspaper publication or T.V. channel on the internet. If you have a very successful blog with a sizable following, you can effectively promote your products, services, business or brand ‘at will’ to your readership.

The secret to a successful blog is knowing your audience, and regularly producing posts which will entertain, enrich or entertain them.

We'll write one article per month for you to keep your readers coming back for more

We'll help you to grow your social media network

Social media allows you to establish an online relationship with your customer base. Much like in the real world, you can get to know your customers directly, and become more effective at offering them what they want. In turn, they can spread the word about you through their own online communities, and you can source new leads. Research shows that when this works well, it can be more effective, and often cheaper than traditional advertising.

... but none of this is possible until you have built up a reasonable following. That means: -

1. Having a professional bio or profile

We'll help you to setup your pages and feeds and regularly review your profile for you

2. Following and connecting with other users, particularly market influencers

We'll target up to 3 new connections for you per month

3. Regularly posting great content that others will share, and also re-sharing other people’s content

We'll perform up to 4 posts or re-shares/re-tweets per month on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn

£79.99 with your monthly plan

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